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Meet the Team: Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly is a Superintendent for Broadpoint Construction. Tom has a deep background in all aspects of the construction process, from his start in the family plumbing business, to his most recent experience working on large scale post-tension concrete projects. We caught up with Tom to learn a little more about him in our “Meet the Team” series:

1)What is your job title and what do you do at Broadpoint?

Commercial Superintendent – I ensure the best possible project by actively managing safety, quality control, and schedule. 

2)What did you do before coming to Broadpoint?

Concrete Superintendent of post-tension & column and deck construction. 

3)What interested you most about working at Broadpoint?

The diversity of portfolio and integrity of team members. 

4) What are your current projects?

SoDel’s Thompson Island Brewing Company, Harbor Point Community Pool and Pool House

5) Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

Currently rehabbing my 1906 farm house on Love Point of Kent Island. (Look out Noah)

6) What do you think makes Broadpoint unique?

Broadpoint effectively uses teamwork and foresight to put the client first. Broadpoint also shows an unparalleled appreciation for the building tradesmen and women who work with us. 

7) Ideal vacation?

Anywhere coastal, no WiFi, and above 65 degrees. (But South By Southwest is always on the table!)

8) Famous person, dead or alive, you’d most want to have lunch with?

Coffee with Amelia Earhart and Tailgate beer after work with Theodore Roosevelt and the Wright Brothers.

9) Favorite:

  • Movie: Hell or Highwater
  • Musician: Stevie Wonder
  • Athlete: Travis Pastrana 

Thanks to Tom for taking the time out of his busy day to let us get to know him!