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Meet the Team: Kellie Caldwell

Kellie Caldwell is an Assistant Project Manager for Broadpoint. She works with the Director of Project Management as well as the Project Managers and Superintendents in all phases of the various projects. From scheduling and document control to providing support to field staff, pre-construction to finish, Kellie ensures that all tasks are met with meticulous detail. We recently sat down with Kellie to learn a little more about her in our most recent addition of “Meet the Team”:

1)What do you do at Broadpoint?

As of right now, I’m still learning things but as I progress and Ryan trusts me with more responsibility I will be a major asset to the team.

2)What did you do before coming to Broadpoint?

I was a project manager for Atlantic Aluminum then briefly a coordinator at a lumber yard.

3)What are you most excited to experience while working at Broadpoint?

Being part of an awesome team and a successful company.

4) What are your current projects?

A 138-unit apartment project called The Oaks at Georgetown

5) Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

I spend a lot of time hanging out with my children and dog and I enjoy dabbling in different forms of artistic expression (painting, photography, sewing and writing)

6) What makes Broadpoint unique?

I like how tight knit yet easy going Broadpoint is, everyone is very welcoming and seem to all share a common goal of wanting to see Broadpoint excel.

7) Ideal vacation?

Unconnected from the world, near a beach with clear water and somewhere beautiful to hike near by, oh and great food.

8) How many yachts do you own?

3, but I don’t’ like to brag, I had one docked at pot nets but people kept trying to climb aboard and take pictures, it was an insurance nightmare.

9) What makes French Poodles so much better than any other dog breed?

I have an actual answer for this, they have hair instead of fur so no allergies and highly intelligent.

10) Quick Hits and Name Your Favorite:

  • Movie: Death Becomes her
  • Musician: Queen
  • Sports Team: Not very into following sports, but I guess I’ve always liked the Lakers and 76ers.