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What Does Your New Community Clubhouse Need?

A good community clubhouse should be the recreational heart of a development — a place for families and groups to gather, have parties, meetings, or just sit and relax by the pool. It’s an amenity offered to prospective home buyers to entice them into moving, but too many clubhouses sit unused because they’re lacking that certain something that makes people want to spend time there.

Whether you have a swimming pool, tennis courts, exercise room, or other activities, there are a few other things people will expect in their clubhouse. And if you want it to be a major selling point for buyers, and get them to use it on a regular basis, be sure to include some of these different design options.

1. Have a decent kitchen

I can’t tell you how many clubhouses I’ve seen where the “kitchen” is an undersized refrigerator and a small bar sink, and that’s it. There’s nothing to warm food or do any cooking, there’s no storage, and people have to haul dirty dishes back home.

If you want people to use the community clubhouse, you need to make it easy for them to do so. Install a stove and oven, at least one standard refrigerator, and even a dishwasher. Some community clubhouses have restaurant ice makers, and you’ll definitely need a commercial-sized sink for post-party cleanup.

This way, families can use it for reunions, graduation open houses, birthday parties, and holiday parties without doing all the work at home. They’re more likely to use and enjoy the community clubhouse if they can do a lot of the work there, rather than dragging everything from home.

2. Put in oversize furniture

People will need places to sit and relax, so make sure you’ve got furniture that can handle many different people sitting on it. Plus, oversized furniture is more comfortable and appealing to the people who spend time there.

The key is comfort, since people will no doubt want to spend a few hours there, whether it’s sitting with friend, watching TV (see below), or catching a quick nap as the party winds down.

3. Include a couple TVs and entertainment options

Some clubhouses have flat screen TVs and video game consoles. This is great when families are entertaining and need to keep the young kids entertained. Or, you can make it available to neighborhood sports fans for the playoffs or set it up for a big Game Of Thrones viewing party.

Similarly, have some hard-wired speakers installed, so people can listen to music during their events. You don’t have to go all out on a sound system, but there are some AV options that will let you hook up an inexpensive stereo receiver to speakers built into the walls or ceilings. Just plug in a mobile phone or MP3 player, and the music’s all set.

4. Don’t forget the outdoors

The Centennial Community Clubhouse in Peachtree, Georgia.Be sure to include green space and outdoor seating in your community clubhouse. Depending on the time of year, it can be a great place for outdoor events like barbecues and picnics, so be sure to have plenty of weatherproof furniture, a grill, and even some patio umbrellas.

Add plenty of greenery so the outside is also a pleasant place to spend time. Put up some trees to block the worst of the summer sun, and to give people something to watch when the fall colors begin to appear.

And make sure you include easy access in and out of the clubhouse to the outdoor space, as well as to the bathroom.

5. Have plenty of windows, but keep things shaded

You can do a lot with natural light, which means plenty of windows in your clubhouse. It gives the place a light, airy feeling, and a sense that it’s much larger than it actually is. Of course, that means the clubhouse can get rather warm in the summer.

You can reduce the interior temperature by using Low-E film on the windows, planting some trees to block the worst of the direct sunlight, and even using drapes or Venetian blinds to allow for some privacy. Awnings are another possible way to add some decoration to the clubhouse while shading windows from the worst of the afternoon sun.

A community clubhouse is more than just a big room with a couple couches and a bar sink. It’s a place for people to gather in your development or neighborhood. Broadpoint can help you design and build a clubhouse that will have everyone clamoring for some time there. To learn more, please visit our website and let us help you design your new neighborhood party space.

Photo credit: Centennial clubhouse in Peachtree City, Georgia – MikeFairbanks (Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons 3.0)