Capital Projects Division

Certainty in an Uncertain Environment

Broadpoint provides a turnkey solution for companies in need of facility enhancements and upgrades. Starting with design and continuing through to project completion, Broadpoint works with mid-to-large scale corporations and organizations to streamline processes and deliver cost-effective results.

Capital Projects

Broadpoint’s experience working on the campuses of Fortune 500 Companies has led to an increased focus not only on the quality of the end result, but to the importance of workplace safety and risk management.

Many of today’s corporations have navigated through an unprecedented period of economic uncertainty and increased regulation. Large companies must focus more than ever on their core business, paying attention to every detail and staffing to deal with a requiring regulatory environment. As businesses evolve, so does the need for maintaining and upgrading facilities – that’s where Broadpoint’s Capital Projects Division comes in, providing an in-house feel while acting as a trusted, outside consultant and project manager. Broadpoint understands that every dollar spent must bring value to its clients, and approaches each engagement with that in mind.

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A Trusted Resource

Broadpoint is a trusted resource for multiple national and international companies, and brings unmatched versatility to the table. Capital Project experience includes:

Broadpoint Construction & Consulting Testimonials

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Broadpoint team for more than 6 years – they are, without a doubt, my “go-to” guys for nearly anything we do not handle in-house.”

“Broadpoint is a great company to work with. They take pride in quality workmanship and use innovative ideas as they bring their projects to life.”

American Cedar and Millwork

“Attention to detail drives everything we do”

John Schneider