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Meet the Team: Autumn Drulis


Autumn DrulisAutumn Drulis is the office manager at Broadpoint Construction. In that role, Autumn organizes office operations and procedures, manages files and records, and handles invoicing and billing. In short, she keeps things running around here. If you spend a day in the Broadpoint Construction offices, you’ll hear Autumn say “Hey, just a friendly reminder …” or “Hey, don’t forget …” a number of times.

As a key member of the Broadpoint team, Autumn serves as the centerpiece of correspondence inside and outside of the building. Her determination and attention to detail are a huge part of Broadpoint’s ability to deliver on its promise to provide Customers with an unmatched experience.

Let’s get to know Autumn a little better in this installment of Meet the Broadpoint Team.

1) What did you do before coming to Broadpoint?
I was President and co-founder of a non-profit scholarship organization which aided students with their education in the arts. I also worked as a legal assistant for an established health law attorney in Wilmington for a number of years.

2) What do you enjoy most about working at Broadpoint?
I love the people here most of all! Job wise, I love problem solving. Keeping things organized and implementing new policies, systems, and procedures – then seeing them work effectively is my favorite thing about my job.

3) What are your current projects?
I don’t work on any one construction project, specifically. I work with the project directors and subcontractors on all projects. If there’s a project that’s active, I am working on it.

4) What are the must-haves of your perfect dream home?
My father lives with us and helps with the kids, so I would want to give him a top-notch in-law suite. My perfect dream home would have an in-law suite, a rehearsal space (which would double as a gym), an art room, plenty of storage, a finished basement, a wood burning fireplace, a large back yard, and a huge screened in porch. It’s a lot, but when building a dream home you should go all out!

5) Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy dance and musical theatre. My original career path was as a professional dancer and I traveled all over performing in different theatres as well as on cruise lines and in Europe. I still teach and choreograph, I just don’t perform as much anymore. I still teach tap and musical theatre at The Rock School in West Chester, PA.

7) What makes Broadpoint unique?
You won’t see a “cookie cutter” build with us. The projects are all unique and we’re never doing the same thing. We love making each build unique just as each client is unique in their wants and needs.

Quick Hits: What is your favorite …

  • Movie: Love Actually/Shawshank Redemption
  • Musician: This week: Bruno Mars, last week: Queen, next week: Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons, always: George Gershwin
  • Sports Team: Arizona Cardinals