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Meet Kyle Pohorely, Superintendent and Carpenter

Kyle Pohorely is one of the latest additions to the Broadpoint Construction team, serving as a superintendent and carpenter. Kyle came to us by way of New Jersey and Washington DC, where he was a teacher and lacrosse coach who turned his love of carpentry and home remodeling into a new career.

Kyle Pohorely, Broadpoint's newest superintendent and carpenter“I went to school to be a teacher,” Kyle told us. “I taught sports medicine, health, physical education. And I was a football coach and lacrosse coach for six-and-a-half years. Then I bought a run-down little house in the DC Beltway area, and spent my free time fixing it up. I had taken a lot of courses in school, like drafting, and when I started working on my house, I remembered how much I had enjoyed it.”

After leaving teaching, Kyle started working for a carpentry company, building houses and quickly becoming a lead carpenter.

He said, “Once I had kids, the head coaching killed me! The time restraints were crazy and I wanted to do something that was more hands on where I could feel productive.”

Kyle and his family moved to the Rehoboth Beach area this past July, following his mom and stepdad who settled down here last year, and started his own company, Orange Carpentry.

That’s when we met him and asked him to join us as a superintendent. Kyle not only oversees the different projects, he takes a more hands-on role in getting things done. Kyle says that’s what he especially likes about the job.

“My background is as a lead carpenter,” said Kyle. “So now I’ll do things like set the doors, run the trim, set the cabinetry.”

Kyle and his wife have two daughters, three-and-a-half and one-and-a-half years old. And he said when he’s not working, he spends all of his time with his family.

“I used to do a lot of camping, hiking, and fishing. But now I spend my time with my family,” said Kyle. Since Delaware is such a great outdoor state, we’re sure he’s going to take his girls to experience the great outdoors as they get older.

Of course, he squeezes in a little time to watch the New Jersey Devils and the Denver Broncos (“I loved John Elway when I was growing up.”) and enjoys listening his favorite artist, Ryan Adams, while he works.